Thank you for your interest in supporting the Eric Adams Legal Defense Trust (EALDT). Before processing your donation, please read the following.

The EALDT is subject to restrictions specified in the Legal Defense Trust Law and Chapter 5 of the Conflicts of Interest Board Rules. After clicking “Proceed” below, you will be redirected to a disclosure form that will certify your eligibility to donate to the EALDT. Individuals who meet any of the below criteria are NOT permitted to donate:

  1. Individuals listed in the Doing Business Database as persons having business dealings with the City, as well as their spouses and/or domestic partners
  2. Individuals with a non-ministerial matter pending with the City (for example, a response to a request for proposals or qualifications, an application pursuant to the Uniform Land Use Review Process, a request for a license or concessionaire agreement, or lease or rental negotiations)
  3. Individuals engaged in compensated communications with the City on non-ministerial matters
  4. Subordinates of Mayor Adams